Crazy Pregnant Woman = Me

So today i had my first moment where i totally felt like the crazy pregnant woman i have been trying so hard not to be. I was running out the door to work and, clumsy me, i tripped on the stairs and crashed. Which wouldn't have been so bad but i'm super paranoid about falling while pregnant... and i was holding an open and 95% full can of soda which spilled all over the house and consequently all over my clothes. So i sat there on the floor and sobbed... sobbed because i fell and was worried about the baby, sobbed because i was embarassed that Brad witnessed the whole thing, and sobbed because i now had to change my work clothes and was going to be late. Luckily my sweet husband stepped in and hugged me, helped me up, and helped my get everything together so i could speed of to work :)

The funny thing is, about two days ago i was bragging to my co-workers about how i'm not an emotional pregnant woman... i guess i had it coming!


Danelle and Alex said...

Hahahahah that is hilarious!!! I will have to tell you my bawling stories. Sometimes I was crying so hard I couldn't stop. I was like " I know this is ridiculous but I can't stop crying!" Its so funny how much we change when pregnant! I can't wait to see the bedding you make. You are so styling so I'm sure it will be so cute!

Greg and Carlin said...

It was bound to happen! Pregnancy catches up with everyone- even the sane ones:)