married at last.

Well... we made it! We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on December 16, 2008! It was the most perfect day imaginable :) It snowed like crazy which, although made travel difficult for our family and friends, was exactly what I was hoping and praying for. The snow made all of the days festivities just that much more beautiful. We had a lovely wedding brunch hosted by Brad's dad and step-mom. We had a reception at the Davis Golf Course which was a blast. It was so fun to see all of our family and friends and I even enjoyed being the center of attention... haha... surprising, I know!

We spent our first two nights at the Radison in Salt Lake and the jetted off to Mexico for a week. It was absolutely perfect there. The weather was warm and sunny every single day! We spent alot of time haning out by the pool and the beach and venturing down into the old town to sample authentic Mexican food and people watch. We had a few adventures in the great outdoors: kyaking in the ocean and zip-lining through the jungle. We rented a little kyak from our hotel and ventured out to see... only to discover that I get sea-sick... haha! The zip-line was AMAZING! We literally flew through the jungle five hundred feet above ground. It was awesome! Then we flew home on Christmas day and spent a little time with both of our families.

Now, we are enjoying getting our house set up and starting our "real" lives together. Being married is the best!!!!