Crazy Pregnant Woman = Me

So today i had my first moment where i totally felt like the crazy pregnant woman i have been trying so hard not to be. I was running out the door to work and, clumsy me, i tripped on the stairs and crashed. Which wouldn't have been so bad but i'm super paranoid about falling while pregnant... and i was holding an open and 95% full can of soda which spilled all over the house and consequently all over my clothes. So i sat there on the floor and sobbed... sobbed because i fell and was worried about the baby, sobbed because i was embarassed that Brad witnessed the whole thing, and sobbed because i now had to change my work clothes and was going to be late. Luckily my sweet husband stepped in and hugged me, helped me up, and helped my get everything together so i could speed of to work :)

The funny thing is, about two days ago i was bragging to my co-workers about how i'm not an emotional pregnant woman... i guess i had it coming!


Baby Boy

Well... just as i suspected... its a boy. And we couldn't be more thrilled! So far we have come up with a few names that we like but our current favorite is Brigham. I've been busy dreaming up ideas for the nursery and Brad's been busy trying to reign me in ;) I finally found crib bedding that i LOVE...... and then checked out the price tag... $400.00... YIKES! So I decided that i would make my own version because, seriously, cute boys bedding is impossible to find! I found the perfect queen size quilt that i'm going to cut up and turn into a crib quilt and bumper :) I'll post picture when i have the finished product.


early risers.

Brad woke me up at six thirty this morning.... so we got out of bed. We have gotten so much done already today and its still only eleven thirty! So far we've made breakfast {actually Brad made breakfast... he spoils me}, watched a movie, cut coupons, gone to walmart, gone to albertsons, gotten a soda at chevron {cause they have the yummy crushed ice}, and made plans to go hiking and have a picnic at antelope island in the afternoon. Who knew that you could get so much accomplished just by waking up a few hours earlier...


happy spring.

awwww... spring! why do I love thee, let me count the reasons...

  • driving with the windows down
  • picnics in the park {brad and i are gonna have one tomorrow}
  • tulips
  • green, green ,green... everywhere!
  • easter vacation
  • baby animals {i saw a bunch of baby lambs today}
  • running outside
  • sunsets at antelope island
  • cadbury mini eggs {nothing better}



  • american idol
  • cadbury mini eggs - i went on a three store long search for them the other day
  • fruit smoothies
  • the office - brad and i watch an episode almost every night
  • cafe rio
  • halo parties with todd - brad's brother
  • sharon's tapioca - i think i'll make some tonight...
  • anthropologie - i freakin' love that store
  • stuffed crust pizza from pizza hut
  • twilight - don't tell brad
  • kraft fat free italian dressing
  • urban outfitters


new year.

I can't believe 2008 is already over! It was a good year for us and brought some unexpected but wonderful changes to our lives.... mainly the whole getting married thing. I never would have guessed in January of 2008 that I would be married by December. But I sure am glad that Iam :)

Our New Year festivities started with the annual Sheffield family shrimp fest! This has got to be one of my families best traditions. Every 30th of December, which happens to be my sister's birthday, the entire family gets together and stuffs our faces with ELEVEN pounds of shrimp! This was Brad's first year attending the shrimp fest and, although he was not as fast at peeling the shrimp as the rest of us, he seemed to enjoy it!

On New Year's Day Brad and I drove down to St. George and spent the rest of the week with his family. We had a fondue dinner that night and played a few rounds of catch phrase while we waited for midnight to come. Then we all went to bed at 12:01... haha we are party animals huh?! We spent the rest of the week playing shuffle board... Brad and I were the tournament champions...., tennis, going to the movies, golfing, swimming, hot tubbing, eating, and enjoying the warmer than kaysville but still cold weather.

Sidenote: on our way down to St. George we stopped at a Flying J in Nephi to get me my caffeine fixed and happened open what might be the best pizza ever invented. So next time you head down toward Nephi you MUST stop at Flying J and try there super slice pizza... it was so good we stopped on the way home for more :)


married at last.

Well... we made it! We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on December 16, 2008! It was the most perfect day imaginable :) It snowed like crazy which, although made travel difficult for our family and friends, was exactly what I was hoping and praying for. The snow made all of the days festivities just that much more beautiful. We had a lovely wedding brunch hosted by Brad's dad and step-mom. We had a reception at the Davis Golf Course which was a blast. It was so fun to see all of our family and friends and I even enjoyed being the center of attention... haha... surprising, I know!

We spent our first two nights at the Radison in Salt Lake and the jetted off to Mexico for a week. It was absolutely perfect there. The weather was warm and sunny every single day! We spent alot of time haning out by the pool and the beach and venturing down into the old town to sample authentic Mexican food and people watch. We had a few adventures in the great outdoors: kyaking in the ocean and zip-lining through the jungle. We rented a little kyak from our hotel and ventured out to see... only to discover that I get sea-sick... haha! The zip-line was AMAZING! We literally flew through the jungle five hundred feet above ground. It was awesome! Then we flew home on Christmas day and spent a little time with both of our families.

Now, we are enjoying getting our house set up and starting our "real" lives together. Being married is the best!!!!